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Going green and saving money

This blog is nothing more than the very occasional rant but it has, it seems, attracted a little attention. Enough anyway that my friends at Chemistry World have just featured our Department and our collaborators at eeCO2 Energy in an … Continue reading

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More on gloves in the lab

A few days I wrote about my worries about students wearing disposable gloves in the lab. I started discussing it with colleagues in the department, including several who sit on our safety committee. One of the comments that came out … Continue reading

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Why do we wear disposable gloves in Chemistry labs?

Do you wear disposable gloves in the lab? Our undergraduates wear them even when building spectroscopes out of cardboard boxes and sticky tape, let alone handling solutions. Our graduate students, working in the research labs use them all the time … Continue reading

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The Black Secrets of an Academic

I had to travel to Edinburgh recently to go to a meeting for a research council. We won’t say which or what it was about. It was rather a pain – Edinburgh is, after all, 400 miles north of here … Continue reading

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