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Less water going to waste

A long time ago, I wrote a series of posts here about how I was trying to reduce our Department’s water use. It’s an incredible dull topic but I’d like to present it as an example of how it is … Continue reading

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Going green and saving money

This blog is nothing more than the very occasional rant but it has, it seems, attracted a little attention. Enough anyway that my friends at Chemistry World have just featured our Department and our collaborators at eeCO2 Energy in an … Continue reading

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More reasons for not wearing disposable gloves in the lab!

Readers of this very occasional blog will remember that I have discussed at some length the reasons why the wearing of gloves in the lab may, counter-intuitively, put us, our students, and our fellow lab workers at greater risk than … Continue reading

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Ten Rules to stay safer on a bicycle in London.

With yet another cyclist killed this morning you may be thinking that cycling is London is too dangerous. Not so. Cycling pits your short term risk of falling off/being injured against your long term cardiovascular health as well as your … Continue reading

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The Places of Chemistry – another way of thinking about Chemistry

Several years ago I started playing with Google Maps, tinkering around with how to display, for example, the places that our Department had visited as part of outreach or public engagement events. This led me to start building a Classic … Continue reading

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Strange Ice

My long-delayed new talk “Strange Ice” is coming up next week. Though you will find it in every refrigerator in the world, ice is a materials so strange that it breaks almost every rule in our textbooks. Yet its very … Continue reading

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Fleur de Geek

People are starting to notice the rather ludicrous shirts some of us are wearing. I blame Mark Mio and Jim Al-Khalili for this. What really amused me last summer was to go to a big family lunch in Italy and … Continue reading

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