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The Year of Revolution

Classic Kit has turned into something of an obsession – this is shown by the fact that this month is the 75th column in the series. Looking back at the early ones, I wish I could rewrite them and correct … Continue reading

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Are the gloves coming off?

It’s now about almost three weeks since I started asking questions about gloves (if you haven’t seen the other posts they are here and here). Departmental policy, with approval from the UCL Safety Office, is that gloves should only be … Continue reading

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Farewell to shadow projection?

One of the many books I haven’t read to the end is Plato’s Republic. But I did get to the part where he speaks of Socrates’ image of everyday reality being nothing more than the shadows on the wall of … Continue reading

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Tim Radford on Science Communication

At the risk of sounding again like Marie Antoinette to those who don’t have a convenient academic library on their doorstep, I’d like to mention a comment article in Nature by Tim Radford, formerly science editor at the Guardian. He … Continue reading

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Gooch’s crucible and the Zen of the Mole

My monthly Classic Kit article has just been posted to the RSC’s website. It’s about Charles Austin Gooch, the inventor of the Gooch crucible. As usual I overshot my word limit by several hundred words and my poor editor Phillip … Continue reading

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