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Classic Kit Number Seventy Something: Lichtenberg’s Figures

I have to tell you that I’ve been thinking about printers of late. I know. This risks being one of the most boring posts of all time, but humour me and read on. I’ve been thinking of printers in part … Continue reading

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Wellcome Elements – Gold Silver Copper and Tin

It’s 2012 and Hugh Aldersey-Williams and I have been co-curating another unique one night only event at the Wellcome Collection, Euston Road London on Friday 22 June 2012 from 7 – 11 pm. If the last two metals don’t immediately … Continue reading

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Farewell to shadow projection?

One of the many books I haven’t read to the end is Plato’s Republic. But I did get to the part where he speaks of Socrates’ image of everyday reality being nothing more than the shadows on the wall of … Continue reading

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Spooklights – Things That Go Flash in the Dark

I’ve been sorely reprimanded by Alom Shaha and Declan Fleming for not posting anything about this. So for the record here it is. They’re right. I should have written about this earliers. Tomorrow evening – Friday 24 July – as … Continue reading

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Elements and the Amazing MBH Laser installation

I should have posted something after Elements – Kill or Cure but am only getting around to it now. In fact, I am only getting over it now. An amazing event with some 1600 people turning up and enjoying themselves … Continue reading

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Amalgamating gold for real

Before anyone writes in and tells me that I’m only concerned with the simple beauty of the process, let me draw your attention to two videos that show how you can use mercury to extract and purify gold and silver. … Continue reading

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Mercury amalgams – behind the scenes for Elements

It was as a graduate student that I first dissolved things in mercury. We’d drop small chips of sodium into a flask containing mercury. After a few seconds sitting on the surface the sodium would vanish into the liquid, accompanied … Continue reading

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