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I’m gutted but I just can’t justify attending Google/O’Reilly Science Foo Camp

I recently received an invitation to Google/O’Reilly’s Science Foo Camp, for 2017 at the Googleplex in Mountain View later this summer. I’d so love to go. But I just can’t bring myself to do it, and this is the letter … Continue reading

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Going green and saving money

This blog is nothing more than the very occasional rant but it has, it seems, attracted a little attention. Enough anyway that my friends at Chemistry World have just featured our Department and our collaborators at eeCO2 Energy in an … Continue reading

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Classic Kit Number Seventy Something: Lichtenberg’s Figures

I have to tell you that I’ve been thinking about printers of late. I know. This risks being one of the most boring posts of all time, but humour me and read on. I’ve been thinking of printers in part … Continue reading

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Why do we wear disposable gloves in Chemistry labs?

Do you wear disposable gloves in the lab? Our undergraduates wear them even when building spectroscopes out of cardboard boxes and sticky tape, let alone handling solutions. Our graduate students, working in the research labs use them all the time … Continue reading

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Hot Hot News – Capitalism is a Scam

The Financial Times and the Stock Exchange have long been the gold standard in economic data, underpinning the belief that capitalism and free enterprise are the optimum route to personal and national enrichment. Over the years a whole industry has … Continue reading

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It’s the Demand, Stupid!

The kerfuffle in the UK this week about possible disruption to petrol supplies as a result of an industrial dispute involving tanker driver has turned into an astonishing political liability for the coalition government. In part this was because of … Continue reading

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UCL Chemistry water flow update – ups and downs

Annoyingly I pressed publish accidentally so an incomplete version may have been posted out to the few subscribers I have – apologies for wasting your time. Time for an update on the water flow situation in our Department. In case … Continue reading

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