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Classic Kit Number Seventy Something: Lichtenberg’s Figures

I have to tell you that I’ve been thinking about printers of late. I know. This risks being one of the most boring posts of all time, but humour me and read on. I’ve been thinking of printers in part … Continue reading

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The Year of Revolution

Classic Kit has turned into something of an obsession – this is shown by the fact that this month is the 75th column in the series. Looking back at the early ones, I wish I could rewrite them and correct … Continue reading

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Anschütz’s manometer

Several years ago Alfred Bader, the founder of the Aldrich Chemical Company, who is also known for his interest in Dutch painting introduced me to the name of Richard Anschütz, a late 19th century organic chemist who was August Kékulé’s … Continue reading

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The Voice of Kenneth Hickman

One has to marvel at the wonder of the internet. A mere 24 hours after my post about Kenneth Hickman,  Andrew Davidhazy, who worked with  Hickman more than forty years ago, has unearthed and posted to YouTube a 10 minute … Continue reading

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Van de Graaff

It’s that time of the month when the new Classic Kit is out – this time the Van de Graaff Generator. Van de Graaff. Not Van der Graaf – that’s the rock band of blessed memory. It’s not exactly standard … Continue reading

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Herbert McLeod and his gauge

When I first started writing the Classic Kit column I knew that the McLeod gauge was something that needed writing about. I mentioned it in passing in an earlier column on Sprengel but at the time I couldn’t find out … Continue reading

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Pardy’s Apparatus

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction and, for once, I get the chance to write about The Chemist as Hero – Герой нашего времени, if you like. A man so filled with talents that it leaves the rest of … Continue reading

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