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And the water flows on…..

Through the autumn and winter I wrote several times about our Department’s water use and our attempts to get a handle on where the water was going and then to find ways to stem the flow.  As I haven’t written … Continue reading

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Spooklights – Things That Go Flash in the Dark

I’ve been sorely reprimanded by Alom Shaha and Declan Fleming for not posting anything about this. So for the record here it is. They’re right. I should have written about this earliers. Tomorrow evening – Friday 24 July – as … Continue reading

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Cheltenham Science Festival 2011

Next week sees the start of the Cheltenham Science Festival of which I am on the Advisory Board. This year I’m involved in five events – which is rather less than the last two years when it was more like … Continue reading

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Volta’s Piles (‘cos he made more than one)

This month’s Classic Kit is the story of Alessandro Volta, the supposed half-wit from Como who made good. It’s a rather puerile title, of course. But even the editor could not resist. Italians and French speakers know that a battery … Continue reading

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