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A hideous reminder of our mortality…..

Demonstrations have been my thing for a long time. I’ve done scores of different ones – quiet ones, loud ones, small ones, big ones, smelly ones, coloured ones.  You name it. But all most people remember are the fiery ones. … Continue reading

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A little rant about Sulfur Hexafluoride

A few weeks ago, I complained about a colleague who does a demonstration that irritates me. I’ve recycled that into a podcast for Chemistry World. So if you’re bored and have nothing to do, have a listen to my rant … Continue reading

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Lord Monckton and the painful truth

You probably think I live in front of the television as, once again, I find myself commenting on a science documentary, this time from the wonderful BBC4. The programme, in the Storyville series,  “Meet the Climate Sceptics” by Rupert Murray, … Continue reading

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Tim Radford on Science Communication

At the risk of sounding again like Marie Antoinette to those who don’t have a convenient academic library on their doorstep, I’d like to mention a comment article in Nature by Tim Radford, formerly science editor at the Guardian. He … Continue reading

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Ramsay Day – February 9th

Ramsay Day is coming along rather nicely. We have arranged music for the unveiling. At least 20 people are coming on the bike ride (can anyone lend me a helmet-cam?). Sir William may even turn up in person.  Just in … Continue reading

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