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Peer-to-Peer Review

Forgive me. I just can’t stop thinking about the Horizon programme Science under Attack and the comments of the blogger James Delingpole. I was stunned by his comment about consensus the other day. But the other remark he made was … Continue reading

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James Delingpole and the Scientific Consensus

I’ve just watched the latest edition of the BBC’s Horizon programme, Science under Attack, in which Paul Nurse, the current head of the UK’s Royal Society goes out to try to understand why there is so little trust in science … Continue reading

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William Ramsay – A Blue Plaque – 9 February 2011

Way back in 2003, the year before the centenary of William Ramsay’s Nobel Prize (he and Lord Rayleigh tracked down argon and then Ramsay found Helium and the rest of the noble gases), my colleague Alwyn Davies and I tossed … Continue reading

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Töpler’s pump

This is a bit late, but the latest Classic Kit is about Töpler’s pump, a piece of kit I first came across in Bob Morris’ lab in Toronto when I first started doing research back in the Jurassic age. It’s … Continue reading

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Is David Nichols just a wee bit disingenuous?

I mentioned in my last post that I had been invited onto Radio 4’s Material World last week to celebrate the start of the International Year of Chemistry. But the intention was also to take a look at an opinion … Continue reading

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Sticking my neck out

I was invited to join my friend Quentin Cooper on Material World to talk about the International Year of Chemistry with Martin Poliakoff from Nottingham. The programme also covered the recent opinion piece by David Nichols in Nature on the … Continue reading

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Review of the Year (Home Energy)

It’s time to look over the spreadsheet and see what our energy consumption looks like for the year 2010. As both the end of last winter and the start of this one were very cold I guess one would expect … Continue reading

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