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The Sound of Silence – A cyclist’s utopia

I was standing at a traffic light the other day waiting for the lights to change. I was alone and there was no traffic. I shut my eyes for a moment and apart from a bit of wind there was … Continue reading

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A little podcast – Elements 116/118

I’ve done a couple more podcasts for the Royal Society of Chemistry’s “Chemistry in its Element” series. The latest one to go online is about the mysterious elements 116 and 118. What the hell can one write about two elements … Continue reading

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David Mitchell’s Take on Dealing with Climate Change

Dealing with climate change isn’t fun….. Continue reading

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The Black Secrets of an Academic

I had to travel to Edinburgh recently to go to a meeting for a research council. We won’t say which or what it was about. It was rather a pain – Edinburgh is, after all, 400 miles north of here … Continue reading

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Bicycle maintenance

It’s Tour de France time, and inspired by the hype, as well as the fact that my poor Marin was shifting like a garbage truck it was time to take it in for a service. Chain, cassette, a bit of … Continue reading

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Science Porn?

I was called up by Radio 2 today – the Simon Mayo show – to ask whether I’d be prepared to do a live “interview” to explain what “proof” means when referring to spirits, as opposed to ABV (alcohol by … Continue reading

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