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Avery Morton – synthetic chemist extraordinaire

The latest Classic Kit column goes online some time in the next 48 hours. It’s about Avery Adrian Morton, a brilliant synthetic chemist who specialized in heterocycles, but who first figured out how to make organosodium compounds and who came … Continue reading

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It’s the carbon…..

Every few months all of us get statements from our energy suppliers (pushers?). Each one is invariably accompanied by a helpful booklet that tells us all the things we should have done to reduce our bills. Like insulation. Or replacing … Continue reading

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Budget Day

It’s budget day and new Tory/Lib-dem government are going to wield the axe over all sorts of things and raising taxes all over the place. A lot of what’s going to happen has been widely trailed and the media are … Continue reading

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Bar 10

It was real honour to be invited by Spike Marchant and Tony Conigliaro a.k.a. the Drink Factory, to give a talk called “A Vesper and a Bang” at the annual London convention of the bar and drinks industry, Bar 10. … Continue reading

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Winding down from Cheltenham

I’m slowly coming down from the manic high that was Cheltenham Science Festival. Yup. As I had thought at the outset, I had clearly agreed to do more events than was sensible. That meant that I spent my whole time … Continue reading

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Back from Cheltenham – Crash.

Well, I suppose I should have been tweeting and facebooking for the past few days. There as no time and I’m dog tired. I thought I might spend a bit of time writing about why Cheltenham was so great this … Continue reading

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The day after BBC Breakfast

Well, the BBC Breakfast gig went off OK. The best bit, was in fact when I failed to blow up a hydrogen balloon in the 15 second slot we had at 8 am. The splint went out when I stuck … Continue reading

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